Safety and Security (4S)

Security in space and on Earth are inextricably linked. The deployment of advanced satellite systems and their safe circulation in space are crucial for resilient and secure connectivity on Earth. 

ESA`s strategic programme line Space for Safety & Security combines the two to work on sustainable and scalable space systems, and their seamless integration in public and private terrestrial networks. We launch, conduct and co-finance feasibility studies, pilots and projects, to test and demonstrate routine and crisis management systems for safety and security that is `made in Europe`. 

We work with institutions and industries on innovative clean space, and space debris removal missions. We translate space assets into resilient and secure applications on the ground, for land, sea and air, for monitoring, transport, energy, water and environmental surveillance, for civil protection, border control and cyber security. We even connect the Moon through our unique Moonlight initiative. Space for Safety & Security: We bolster Europe’s leadership. We ensure that space remains safe, and we guarantee Europe’s access to space.

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