Satellite for 5G

The future communications system referred to as 5G represents far more than just the next generation of terrestrial mobile services. It will drive a convergence of fixed and mobile services, introduce a new set of technologies and standards, create a network of networks and facilitate communications between everyone and everything, whilst focusing on some key vertical markets.

Completed and Running Activities for 5G SatCom
Joint Statement between ESA and the European Space Industry on their Concerted Efforts on Satellite for 5G
ESA Satellite for 5G Initiative - VIDEO

News and Events

News and Events

  • SatNEx IV

    Since 2009, ESA has led SatNEx activities. SatNEx IV is jointly sponsored by ESA Technical Directorate and Telecommunications ARTES Future Preparation. The annual budget (~300,000 €) provides funding for - 85% Technical activities : 4-6 Work Items per year - 5% Dissemination and Training (Lectures and Summer Schools) - 5% Visiting...

  • SATis5

    SATis5 aims to build a large-scale real-time live end-to-end 5G integrated satellite terrestrial network proof-of-concept testbed. The demonstrator testbed implements, deploys and evaluates an integrated satellite-terrestrial 5G network, showcasing the benefits of the satellite integration with the terrestrial infrastructures as part of a...


    This proposal focuses on the system use cases and system gain analysis as well as the demonstration of content distribution in the form of the digital broadcasting of content via high throughput satellites in the future. For one this is the integration of digital broadcasting services in the context of high throughput satellite systems as well as...


    METAMORPHOSIS will define (a) cross-industry cooperation opportunities offered to the European and Canadian satellite industry when considering the convergence of SatCom with the 5G terrestrial business/solutions/technologies/operational concepts for the targeted verticals of transport, media and public safety, (b) integrated satellite terrestrial...


    The objective of this project is the assessment of satellite networks technology evolutions that can mitigate the effect of satellite latency on the user quality of experience, so that satellite networks can be integrated more seamlessly within the 5G ecosystem.


    The ASCENT project studies spectrum sharing between satellite and terrestrial networks, focusing especially on 5G pioneer bands from 3.4 GHz to 3.8 GHz and from 24.25 GHz to 27.5 GHz. Licensed shared access (LSA) is considered the most promising approach to implement sharing in pioneer bands. The ASCENT project develops an LSA testbed for these...


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