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Multimedia market survey


Planning the Next Generation of Broadcasting Satellites

Current State of Space Telecom Technologies Being Developed Outside Europe and Canada

Market Survey of Eastern Europe

Survey of the Telecommunications Industry in Greece

Assessment of radiowave propagation for satellite communication and navigation systems in tropical and sub-tropical areas

Mobile TV S - Band Repeater

Light-Weight Deployable Radiator Structure

ESA Scalable Multimedia System [SMM]

Location Based Services and Satellite Applications

Satellite Services In Latin America and Africa based on the DVB-RCS Standard: Sea&Space Exploration

Active Pixel Sensor Based Star Sensor - Jena-Optronik

Stratospheric Platforms - a definition study for an ESA system

Scalable Multimedia Study - SMM

Integrated Resources And QoS Management for DVB-RCS Networks: Alenia Spazio

High-Performance Accelerometer for On-Orbit Autonomy

HDTV Opportunities for Satellite Broadcasting

Cyber Security for EGSE SCOE