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  • Newcomers and Megaconstellations

    13 January 2016 – The ARTES Megaconstellations initiative welcomes newcomers! If you are a newcomer to the ARTES programme, this what you need to know to apply for funding.

  • Final Presentation Days for Payload Technologies and Products

    16-19 February 2016, ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

    The RF Systems, Payloads & Technology Division (TEC-ET) and the Payload Technologies and Products Section (TIA-TTP) have scheduled Final Presentation Days for Payload Technologies and Products on 16-19 February 2016.

  • ARTES Advanced Technology - Workplan

    Closing date: 26 December 2016

  • The evolution of ARTES 3-4 and 5

    17 December 2015 – ESA's Directorate of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications (TIA) announces some major changes to ARTES 5.1, 5.2 and 3-4. In addition, these and various other ARTES programme elements have been renamed.

  • EDRS-A payload ready for liftoff

    9 December 2015 – After a year-long wait for a Proton launcher to become available, the EDRS-A laser communications payload and its Eutelsat host satellite have arrived at the Baikonur cosmodrome and are being prepared for a late-January launch.

  • Supporting space startups: business incubator call 2015-16

    UK Space Agency: Submit your application before Monday 21 December 2015

    This call is aimed at business incubation centres who wish to support start-up companies across the breadth of the space sector. The aim is to extend the network of business incubators supporting space companies across the UK, deliver an effective national capacity for space company incubation and ensure shared best practice.

  • Newtec partners turnkey VSAT platform for Yahsat

    25 November 2015 – ESA’s ARTES programme has been instrumental in helping Newtec (BE) to win a contract with UAE-based Yahsat for the delivery of service platforms and operating systems to support that satellite operator's entry into the Brazilian satellite broadband services market. 

  • ESA and Airbus DS sign Eurostar Neo agreement

    17 November 2015 – The contract for full development of Eurostar Neo has been signed today at ESA headquarters in Paris by ESA's Magali Vassiere and Eric Béranger, head of space systems programmes at Airbus Defence and Space, in the presence of Jan Woerner, ESA’s Director General.

  • Satnav for satcoms satellites

    16 November 2015 – Using GNSS for positioning and station keeping is an important breakthrough in geostationary satellite technology.  ESA has been supporting this development by means of a number of activities undertaken within the framework of the ARTES programme.

  • A new VSAT transceiver for Ka-band

    11 November 2015 – With the support the ARTES programme, Skyware developed a versatile Ka-band VSAT transceiver that is now in production and enjoying strong sales, thanks to the growing number of high-throughput Ka-band satellites coming into service.