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  • Latest node in the European Data Relay System passes antenna tests

    The latest component in the European Data Relay System (EDRS) has passed another important milestone. Tests have successfully concluded on the antennas of the EDRS-C satellite.

  • Chameleon satellite enters antenna testing stage

    The first European satellite capable of being completely reprogrammed after launch, developed in an ESA Partnership Programme, has passed another important milestone. The communications module of Eutelsat Quantum has completed its baseline payload testing at Airbus in Toulouse. 

  • European quantum communications network takes shape

    Today’s interconnected world is ever more vulnerable to cyberattacks, emphasising the importance of secure encryption to protect Europe’s critical infrastructure and communications. An agreement forged today between the European Commission and the European Space Agency marks the first steps towards creating a highly secure, pan-European quantum communication infrastructure.

  • Stargazing technology used to spot cancer

    An X-ray machine which uses space technology to generate crystal clear images that doctors can use to detect the early signs of cancer has been prioritised for €1.2m of funding by the European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency.

  • Eurostar Neo’s first large scale structure test completed

    After intense engineering work, Eurostar Neo’s central cone was recently put through rigorous qualification testing, which it successfully completed at the end of April.

  • First satellite in European SpaceDataHighway forges 20,000 successful laser links

    The European Data Relay System (EDRS)—dubbed the “SpaceDataHighway” by its private operator, Airbus—has passed another milestone.

  • Space-enabled mobile laboratory ready for medical emergencies

    A laboratory that enables first responders to combat biological hazards and infectious diseases rapidly and safely has demonstrated its strengths during a simulated biological incident conducted in Belgium.

  • ESA and EC sign agreement on European quantum communications

    On 9th April, the signature of an agreement between the European Space Agency and the European Commission at the EU Digital Day in Brussels, marked the first steps towards what could ultimately become Europe’s “Quantum Internet”, which could connect quantum computers, simulators and sensors to distribute information and quantum resources. Plans to build a European Quantum Communication Infrastructure (QCI) are now underway.

  • ESA Workshop on Advanced Flexible Telecom Payloads 2019 - a resounding success

    With 121 registrations from 21 countries, this year’s edition of the Workshop on Advanced Flexible Telecom Payloads was a resounding success. 

  • New actuator from SENER holds industry attention

    With the support of ESA’s ARTES Programme, the Spanish company SENER has developed and qualified a Detent high Torque rotary Actuator (DTA) at both the component and mechanism levels of an actuator, in order to deploy and to hold the mechanism when no power is applied.