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5th ScyLight Workshop on Optical Communication

This is an annual event for European and Canadian Industries as well as ESA technical experts to showcase the latest developments in the domain of optical and quantum communication technologies under the ScyLight umbrella and beyond. It will be a unique opportunity to present your results and gain an overview of ongoing activities. The event will give you a chance to discuss, network and exchange with colleagues from both ESA and industry.

4S Symposium

The programme will cover technical sessions, such as mission and system analysis, applications such as Earth observation, science, telecommunication and navigation, new technologies at system, sub-system and component level. A special session will be dedicated to small satellites access to space, addressing launchers and platform cross-compatibility.


Executives, engineers, government officials, and commercial customers convene at SATELLITE to solve global challenges, bridge the digital divide, increase access to space, cultivate new innovation and future leadership, collaborate on policy, and network with colleagues and peers.

Paris Space Week 2022

The 9th edition of Paris Space Week will take place in Grande Arche Area at the heart of Paris, on March 14th and 15th, 2022. Discover or rediscover your partners through B2B meetings, conferences, dinners, demonstrations or even innovation challenges with pitches in front of a jury of experts 

Opportunity: Moonlight Initiative - Lunar Communications and Navigation Services (LCNS) Call for Ideas and Use Cases

As of today, several dozens of commercial and institutional missions to the Moon are planned for the coming decades, exceeding the number of successful lunar missions during the space race in the 60s and 70s. One of the key differences this time is that a significant proportion of these missions are supported by private capital investments and involve players that are not traditionally associated with the space sector. 

ESA tests space-enabled 5G connectivity

Telecommunications experts at two centres for 5G innovation in the UK have communicated via video link using the seamless connectivity delivered by integrated terrestrial and satellite networks.

ESA awards two contracts for laser-communication projects related to HydRON

Two consortia led by Airbus Defence and Space and Thales Alenia Space respectively, recently kicked-off two projects related to HydRON, both which are being funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). The parallel contracts will allow the primes and their partners to develop their own vision demonstrating the potential for laser-communication. 

ESA-ECSAT 5G/6G Hub webinar | Space to expand connectivity

The ESA-ECSAT 5G/6G Hub webinar is an online event  bringing together industrial actors from a range of business sectors. The attendees will have the opportunity to hear from telecommunications experts on how hybrid satellite-terrestrial networks can contribute to their technology development. The webinar will highlight examples from the areas of healthcare, the energy sector, and the automotive industry.