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  • Space data relay system shows its speed

    A satellite network that can zoom in on ships at sea and check for oil spills in almost real time has demonstrated its capabilities at a high-level international event in Brussels.

  • Space-enabled app for pilots takes to the skies

    An app that integrates navigational data and weather conditions to improve flight safety for pilots has been launched. Its inventors hope to have a full commercial version on sale by the end of the year.

  • Next satellite in the European Data Relay System is fuelled

    The second satellite to join the constellation that forms the European Data Relay System (EDRS) has finished fuelling and is days away from launch.


  • University spin-off puts Perugia on the technology map

    This month an Italian company based in Perugia is celebrating a decade of successful collaboration with ESA. RF Microtech has experienced remarkable growth in the last few years, which has put the medieval town – normally famous for its stunning scenery, legendary chocolate and its jazz festival – firmly on the technology map.


  • Dawn of the terabit era – critical functions of the first European Q/V-band reflector are demonstrated

    The race for in-orbit capacity for data transmission has been given a big helping hand with the development of the first large European Q/V-band reflector. The reflector, which was developed under ESA’s ARTES Advanced Technology (AT) programme, along with German Space subsystems specialist HPS GmbH is a significant step forward in the conception of terabit satellites.

  • ESA helps to drive UK space success

    The Harwell Space Cluster just outside Oxford now employs more than 1,000 people across 92 organisations – and a showcase event on 27 June emphasised that most of those taking part are receiving support from ESA for their growth plans.

  • Pioneer satellites launched

    The latest ESA Partnership Projects mission has launched two tiny supercomputing nanosatellites aboard a Soyuz rocket from Vostochny in Russia.

  • ESAiL undergoes its final preparation for launch

    The ESAIL microsatellite developed under ESA’s programme for tracking ships at sea is going through its final tests ahead of launch.

  • Next satellite in the European Data Relay System arrives in Kourou

    The second satellite to join the constellation that forms the European Data Relay System (EDRS) has arrived at its launch site in Kourou, French Guiana.

  • First taste of space for spacebus neo satellite

    The thermal vacuum test campaign of the first Spacebus Neo satellite was completed on 25 June. Less than 100 metres from the Mediterranean Sea, the Konnect satellite has spent the past six weeks being exposed to the cold emptiness of space.