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  • ScyLight Workshop

    8 February 2017, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

    ScyLight (SeCure and Laser communication Technology) is the new ARTES programme element dedicated to Optical Communication Technologies. To launch the programmatic process, ESA’s Telecom’s directorate (TIA) is organising a workshop dedicated to the new element.

  • SmallGEO media briefing

    18 January 2017 – A special media briefing on SmallGEO and its first flight took place on Wednesday 18 January, at ESA HQ in Paris. Hispasat 36W-1 will be the first satellite to use the SmallGEO platform, marking the first partnership between ESA and the Spanish operator.

  • New ARTES programme element dedicated to optical communications: ScyLight

    18 January 2017 – ESA's Telecommunications and Integrated Applications Directorate (TIA) has launched a new ARTES programme element dedicated to Optical Communication Technologies: ScyLight.

  • Airbus Defence & Space launches SpaceDataHighway challenge

    12 January 2017 – Airbus Defence & Space, which developed the European Data Relay Satellite system (EDRS) in private-public partnership with ESA, has launched the SpaceDataHighway competition and will award up to €75k to the winning idea.

  • 2017 Final Presentation Days for RF Payloads

    14-16 February 2017, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

    The ESA Final Presentation Days for RF payloads, subsystems, products and technologies for Navigation, Communication and Remote Sensing.

  • Alphasat hosted payload programme to be extended

    20 December 2016 — ESA, Inmarsat, and payload providers have agreed to continue the very successful Alphasat hosted payload programme for another three years.

  • First flight trials for satellite-based air traffic management

    20 December 2016 – First flight trials were recently undertaken by ESA and Inmarsat in the next stage of the ARTES Iris Precursor programme to deliver high-capacity secure digital data links via satellite for air–ground communications for cockpit crews over European airspace.

  • End of Year Message from Magali Vaissiere

    16 December 2016 – Magali Vaissiere, head of the Telecoms directorate, looks back over an exciting and successful year.

  • After a decade of development "CAN Bus for Space" is flight-ready

    8 December 2016 – After a decade of development and the long-term support of ESA, CAN Bus for Space will be deployed for forthcoming missions. The new data bus has been adopted by all the major European satellite manufacturers.

  • Way forward for ESA Telecom following Ministerial Council meeting

    3 December 2016 – ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme adds new elements and strengthens existing ones, with an overall subscription of €1.2 billion following the Council meeting at Ministerial Level in Lucerne, Switzerland.