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  • ESA Workshop on Advanced Flexible Telecom Payloads 2019 - a resounding success

    With 121 registrations from 21 countries, this year’s edition of the Workshop on Advanced Flexible Telecom Payloads was a resounding success. 

  • New actuator from SENER holds industry attention

    With the support of ESA’s ARTES Programme, the Spanish company SENER has developed and qualified a Detent high Torque rotary Actuator (DTA) at both the component and mechanism levels of an actuator, in order to deploy and to hold the mechanism when no power is applied. 

  • First commercial Dutch satellite operator makes a firm footprint in Space

    Two and a half years ago, the founders of Hiber wondered why only 10 per cent of the globe was covered with mobile networks, limiting the availability of the IoT (Internet of Things).

  • Smart Space

    3-5 June, Toulouse (France)

    Join us for the 9th edition of ESA’s Business Applications Annual Conference. This year's event is jointly hosted by ESA BICs and Innovation Partner Network, as well as CNES. 

  • Heart of ELECTRA given green light

    A key element of the ‘Electra’ all-electric satellite’s propulsion management system has passed all tests with flying colours.

  • Coming together

    On 28 February 2019, Thales Alenia Space united the service and payload modules of the first Spacebus Neo satellite, KONNECT, a high throughput satellite ordered by Eutelsat.

  • Iris System Takes first flight

    17 July 2018 - Europe is one step closer to a safer, cleaner sky, as the Iris aviation satcom system completes its first set of test flights. 

  • Iris for Aviation

    Iris will relieve pressure on terrestrial communication channels by supplementing them with digital text for position reports, clearances and runway conditions, sent and received between pilots and ATC by satellites to terminals in the cockpit and the flight control facility.

  • Space tech poised to make air travel greener & more efficient

    13 Mar 2019 - Several national air traffic control organisations have agreed to trial the commercial system, including those of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

  • Workshop on Secure Satcom for Safety and Security

    4 April 2019, Bucharest (Romania)

    ESA and the Romanian Space Agency are jointly hosting a workshop in Bucharest dedicated to ESA’s evolving programme for Secure Satcom for Safety and Security (“4S”). Deadline for submitting a Notice of Intent 22nd March 2019!