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  • Opportunity: Smart and Uncrewed Shipping

    In the upcoming Announcement of Opportunity economic operators are invited to propose a Demonstration Project addressing the theme of:

    Space for Smart and Uncrewed Shipping: downstream services enabled by 5G and advanced positioning, navigation and timing (PNT)

  • ESA 5G/6G Hub: space to expand connectivity

    A centre for innovation that will showcase how space can enable future generations of telecommunications and connected applications is being developed.

    The Hub – based at ESA’s European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications at Harwell in the UK – is a place for collaboration, where industry will take advantage of the immense potential of converged satellite and terrestrial communications networks to create innovative applications that benefit society and the environment.

  • Space to accelerate the connectivity revolution

    A centre for innovation that will showcase how space can enable future generations of telecommunications and connected applications is being developed.

  • ESA Council appoints Josef Aschbacher as next ESA Director General

    The ESA Council appointed Dr Josef Aschbacher as the next Director General of ESA, for a period of four years. He will succeed Prof. Jan Wörner, whose term of office ends on 30 June 2021.

  • 7 years of successful in-orbit operations for ESA Telecoms’ Hosted Payloads on-board Alphasat

    Providing exceptional value for in-orbit technology demonstration at a minimal expenditures, ESA’s Hosted Payloads will have clocked 7 years of continuous operations in-orbit at the end of 2020. At the forefront of laser and Q/V band communications, the Hosted Payloads demonstrate ESA’s Partnership Projects ability to develop, implement and validate innovative end-to-end systems.

  • ESA’s Pacis 3 project moves forward with new GaN Solid State Power Amplifier

    The Preliminary Design Review for the Dual Solid State Power Amplifier (DSSPA) developed by SENER (Spain) in the frame of ESA’s Pacis 3 Partnership Project has been completed successfully. The very first test results obtained on the 10W X-band DSSPA prototype have been presented and exhibit impressive performances.

  • AlbaPod: the most advanced space-proven PocketQube deployer

    The ‘maker’ movement in electronics and the meteoric rise of smartphones have led to a surge in small satellites - such as nano- and picosatellites (picosats are the tiniest of smallsats). But something has to propel these pocket-size payloads into space. The AlbaPod is the first flight-proven six unit (6p) ‘PocketQube’ or picosat satellite deployer, whose successful demonstration was performed under the ARTES Competitiveness & Growth programme.  

  • FATMAP – new features for leading outdoor platform

    Getting out in the fresh air is more ‘in’ than ever this year, and with FATMAP’s adventure platform, activities in the Great Outdoors have never been easier to plan. With the support of ESA Space Solutions, FATMAP have now added some crucial ‘live data’ enhanced features, which take the application to new heights. 

  • New partnership to inspire competitive innovation

    A fully reconfigurable, software-defined, standardised satellite for the commercial telecommunications market is under development, with contributions from a new Partnership Project between satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space and ESA.

  • ESAIL’s first map of global shipping

    The ESAIL microsatellite for tracking ships at sea has captured 57 000 messages in its first 24 hours of operation, using advanced on-board processing algorithms.